Why Modero?

  • Experienced staff with “expertise concentration”.
  • A singular firm that works at the high level planning and “in-the-field” execution; an on demand project SWAT team.
  • Greater depth of expertise at lower billing rates.
  • Your success is also ours; we provide you with a focused effort to ensure our businesses both thrive.

A smaller, nimble team gives you the advantage.

  • In larger firms, teams can grow throughout an engagement and become unwieldy and harder for the client to manage. Modero is a smaller, nimbler team that is easier for a client to manage and monitor fees.
  • Expertise can be diluted in a large firms as they gather any available staff resource to stock the clients’ engagement team.
  • Transaction or growth trends will lead to further dilution of “expertise concentration” from some larger firms. Larger teams can lead to inefficient demand of time and resources from clients’ managers.