Modero can advise companies undergoing significant transformation through corporate transactions, including, but not limited to:

Mergers & Acquisitions
Leveraged Buy-Outs
Corporate Restructurings

Modero can support the transaction as a technical expert.  Modero’s consultants provide technical expertise in the areas of financial and strategic planning, legal, contracts and agreements, compensation plans, data privacy and communications.

Modero will support the transaction by alleviating the burden upon the client’s internal resources. Modero’s consultants fill an internal role (vs an “external” consulting role) allowing the client’s line managers at the SVP/VP level to attend to their day-to-day workload.  Modero’s consultants can coordinate and execute against any transaction planning requests, mitigating the workload on internal management.

Our consultants support the transaction by acting as the transaction project manager or supporting the client’s assigned internal project manager. All corporate transactions involve a multitude of internal staff and consultants involved in many tasks and company-wide exercises. Modero’s consultants can manage the work ensuring efficiency and eliminating duplication through detailed project plans and a structured approach to communication with all stakeholders.  Simultaneously, Modero’s consultants can provide reporting to the client’s management that clearly communicates the transaction’s status and progress as well as conveying the successes and challenges.